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Preço Minimo Garantido Eurostars Grand Marina

What constitutes best rate guarantee?
Eurostars Hotels guarantee that the rates found in the websites of their brands, are the lowest available fares. If you make a reservation at our website and, within 2 hours of booking, find a lower fare available to the public in some other website, Eurostars Hotels will charge the lowest fare and will also make an additional discount 5%. This means that if you book a room in a Eurostars Hotels website for 120 €, and then is 100 € for anywhere else, we will give the room for 95 €. For other details see our Legal Notice.
Is this minimum rate is applicable to all contracts?
No, the best rate guaranteed Eurostars Hotels applies to published fares that are available to the general public. Not applicable to group rates, special contracts, tour operators, associations, companies, etc.
How do I send a claim for the guaranteed minimum price?
If you find a lower rate than the web reserved 2 hours after the reservation, send a request for Best Rate Guarantee claim by email. Or fax to 93 295 53 70 along with proof that you have found a lower rate (this should explain the rules and restrictions that apply to the fare and must be available).

Our Reservation Center will verify that the information is correct and if so we will contact the customer to report the rate change.
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