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20th Grand Marina Photography Prize Barcelona Icons

20th Grand Marina Photography Prize
Barcelona Icons
Eurostars Grand Marina 5*L.C. and Grupo Hotusa, the company that runs it, invite residents and visitors alike to participate in the latest edition of the photography contest, which will choose the photos that, in the judges' eyes, best reflect the theme “Barcelona Icons”.

The contest will recognise the three-photo series that shows in an innovative way, the theme “Barcelona Icons”. Barcelona is full of iconic places and buildings that spread its fame around the world. Parc Güell and the Montjuïc Fountain are just two elements of the iconography that reigns in the city. But not all the icons are as well known as those mentioned. The important thing is that their image represents the essence of Barcelona and conveys it visually.


The winner will receive €2,500 and the first runner-up will get the Special Grupo Hotusa Award, valued at €1,000. The other 8 runners up will receive a free stay at the Eurostars hotel of his election.

How to enter

Anyone interested in participating in the contest may do so before the 14th of October 2022 on the site dedicated to the contest, where they can upload a maximum of three different pictures.

To do this, they must load their works on the site following the established format: a series of three photographs that, as a whole, comprise an artistic unit. Each participant can deliver a maximum of three series.

To present the photographs online, participants must upload a single canvas of 30 x 100 cm in which will appear the three photographs and the 5 cm spaces between them. The works must have a recommended weight of between 1 and 6 MB. (See details in the competition rules).

If you have any doubts or believe there have been any incidents when sending your photograph, contact: cultura.comunicacion@eurostarshotelcompany.com
Contest terms
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